Guinea worm eradicated in Ghana; RIVP Matthews featured in newspaper

by PDG Sue Poss
Rotary Public Image Coordinator, Zone 33

The Daily Graphic, a newspaper circulating throughout Ghana, featured an article about Guinea worm eradication and the celebration in which a team of 18 U.S. Rotarians participated in Tamale in northern Ghana on Feb. 15.

RIVP Anne Matthews of Columbia, South Carolina USA, is quoted extensively in the article, which includes a photo of her with several tribal leaders, local Rotarians and medical personnel.

The Rotary team is led by Walter Hughes of Virginia USA, who has coordinated much of the Rotary work in Ghana over the past 10 years. Walter’s efforts to bring clean water and better sanitation to villages was a significant reason Guinea worm was eradicated. He is in the newspaper photo too, though he was not identified by name.

The World Health Organization is in process of certifying Ghana a Guinea worm free country, since no case has been reported here since 2010.


One thought on “Guinea worm eradicated in Ghana; RIVP Matthews featured in newspaper”

  1. Congratulations Walter! Congratulations Rotary! Thank you for bringing about the eradication of this terrible parasitic disease. What a blessing this is to so many! You have given our brothers and sisters in Ghana a great gift. Thank you Lord.

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