At the Embassy

We’re sitting in the Delta lounge at Accra airport beginning to process all that we have seen during our 16 days in Ghana and thinking about the transition back to life in South Carolina.

The highlight of our last day here was a visit with Gene Cretz, the United States Ambassador to Ghana. He was kind enough to give us an audience when local Rotarians contacted the Embassy on our behalf.

We spent about 45 minutes talking with Mr. Cretz about Rotary work in Ghana, telling him some of the specific needs we had observed during our trip around the country.

In turn, he told us about some of the projects the US is involved here.

Some of his points:
1. He expects significant funding in the next months from the Millennium Challenge Corporation to improve the power grid in Ghana.
2. There are numerous opportunities for business development in Ghana.
3. This is basically a peaceful country where people want to work with you.
4. The US has given considerable funds for education, hospitals and economic development in Ghana. The Ambassador will meet with the Business Council next week in New York to discuss bringing new business to Ghana. In the medical area, Mr. Cretz specifically mentioned malaria education.
5. Funds have been used to teach farmers to get the best yield on their crops, and how to get the best price.
6. The American dollar will never be wasted here.

Ambassador Cretz also connected with us when he spoke highly of SC Senator Lindsay Graham.

After our meeting, we had some final moments to speak with the district governor and other Rotarians here. Now, we await the trip home, and finding ways to help this country of which we now feel a part.


One thought on “At the Embassy”

  1. Dear Sue,
    Thank you for keeping all us folks back home informed of your travels thru Ghana. It has been wonderful to follow the group and learn of the great experience for all of you. Your blog gave us a chance to see the wonderful people of Ghana that you met and hear about Rotary projects there that are changing lives. We look forward to seeing Walter at District Conference in March and hear more about the trip. Have a safe trip back home.
    June Rinehart, RC of Linden, District 7570

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